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At the end of 2020 Swisscom had 6,224,000 mobile telephony customers in Switzerland. This was fewer than in the previous year (-1.7%). An increase of 81,000 customers with contracts (postpaid offers) contrasted with a loss of 190,000 prepaid customers. Sunrise, on the other hand, recorded a very slight increase of approximately 0.4%, and had 2,832,000 mobile customers at the end of the year. The decline in the number of customers in the prepaid segment (-139,000) was more than offset by the considerable growth in the postpaid segment (+150,000 units). Meanwhile, the number of Salt customers had risen by 1% to a total of 1,825,000 customers by the end of 2020. The provider gained some 56,000 contract customers during the year, but at the same time lost 40,000 in the prepaid segment. The data available to us indicates that Swisscom had a market share of around 56% at the end of 2020, with Sunrise occupying 25% and Salt 16%.

Also at the end of 2020, cable network operators had a total of over 350,000 mobile customers, corresponding to an increase of 28% in just one year. During the year under review, almost 92% of these customers were with UPC (253,000) or Quickline (70,000). At 3%, the market share occupied by CATV operators remains relatively small.

For almost ten years now, users of prepaid offers have increasingly been switching to contracts. Indeed, the market dynamic is being driven largely by their decisions. The trend is illustrated by the growth in the proportion of customers with contracts, which expanded from 56% in 2010 to 75% in 2020. Although people have been out and about less over the past year, the importance of mobile telephony has increased still further during the health crisis. One factor here was that many customers have been working at multiple locations (second homes, co-working spaces, etc.).

Mobile telephony providers – including cable network operators, which generally do not offer prepaid products – added more than 360,000 contract (postpaid) customers during the year 2020. In this segment, Swisscom took some 57% of the market, Sunrise 24%, Salt 15% and cable network operators 4%.

* These figures are based on the so-called 12-month rule. This involves taking into account - in addition to the postpaid customers - all prepaid customers whose SIM card is active and who have made at least one incoming/outgoing call on the network over the last twelve months.

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