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Market share of broadband connections in Switzerland

DSL/FTTx telecommunications service providers are still way in front of cable TV providers for internet access: at the end of 2017, just over 69% of surfers had opted for an offering from a telecoms operator (2,806,000 connections) and almost 31% for an offering from a cable operator (1,245,500 connections).

(incl. fibre connections)

Sources: Providers, Suissedigital, Analysys Mason

Considering high-speed internet service providers (CATV, DSL and FTTx) as a whole, Swisscom is still far ahead of its main competitors, with a market share of 49.7% at the end of 2017.

The share of all the alternative telecommunications providers was 19.5% at the end of 2017, 10.4% of which was accounted for by Sunrise. As far as the cable operators are concerned, UPC's market share was 18.5% and that of the other CATV providers was 12.2%.

The above figures for broadband connections include Swisscom’s FTTH/B users as well as those benefiting from Swisscom's hybrid fibre/copper technologies (FTTC and FTTS).

In autumn 2017, Swisscom had almost 290,000 fibre customers, according to Analysys Mason. Sunrise also has fibre customers, but no details are available. According to Analysys Mason, at the same time there were approximately another 250,000 fibre users; these are customers of the other alternative providers which use the historic operator’s network or the infrastructure of the local utility providers.

Fibre customer connections therefore represented 13.6% of all high-speed lines in Switzerland in the autumn of 2017, a slightly higher figure than the penetration rate for fibre connections in the European Union countries (13%).

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