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Market share of broadband connections in Switzerland

In terms of internet access, the DSL/FTTx providers are still way ahead of the cable network operators. At the end of 2018, about 70% of users had connections from a telecoms operator (2,761,000 connections) and 30% had connections from a cable network operator (1,203,000 connections).

Total Broadband in CH 2018
(incl. fibre connections)

Sources: Providers, Suissedigital, ComCom

Looking at the entirety of the broadband providers (CATV, DSL and FTTx), it is apparent that Swisscom, with a market share of 51.3% at the end of 2018 is still far ahead of its closest competitors.

At the end of 2018, all the alternative telecoms providers combined had a market share of 18.4%.
Sunrise's share of this was 11.5%. As far as the cable network operators are concerned, UPC has a market share of 17.7% and the other CATV operators combined have 12.7%.

* The above figures for broadband connections in Switzerland include Swisscom's customers who are supplied via an FTTH/B connection as well as via hybrid fibre and copper technologies (FTTC and FTTS), plus the customers of alternative providers who use the network of the historic provider or the public utilities infrastructure.  

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