Market shares

Market shares of broadband connections in Switzerland

Broadband CH 4Q2023
(incl. fibre connections)

Sources: Providers, Suissedigital, ComCom

Looking at broadband providers as a whole (CATV, DSL and FTTx), Swisscom remains far ahead of its closest competitors, with a market share of around 46.5%. 

The market share of Sunrise was around 27.5%, that of the CATV operators around 13.5% (including Quickline at 4%), while the market share of other telecom operators was 7.5% and of Salt 5%. 

* The above figures for broadband connections in Switzerland include Swisscom's customers who are supplied via an FTTH/B connection as well as via hybrid fibre and copper technologies (FTTC and FTTS), plus the customers of alternative providers who use the network of the historic provider or the public utilities infrastructure.  

Last modification 22.05.2024

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