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The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) is the independent regulatory authority for the telecommunications market. Established by the Law on Telecommunications (LTC) of 30 April 1997, it consists of 7 members nominated by the Federal Council. The Commission is not subject to any Federal Council or Department directives. It is independent of the administrative authorities and has its own secretariat.

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Major files

The universal service

The universal service includes a basic range of telecom services which must be offered throughout the country to all sections of the population in good quality and at an affordable price.  

Overview of the telecommunications market

overview of the evolution of the telecommunications market in Switzerland.  You can find here regularly updated facts about mobile telephony and broadband.

Consultation regarding the allocation of mobile frequencies available from 2029

The ComCom has instructed the OFCOM to conduct a public consultation on the allocation of frequencies available from 2029 for the provision of mobile services.

Quality Measurements Internet Services

Anyone with Internet access will be able to measure its quality with a standardized tool from September 1, 2021.

Activity report 2023

ComCom's Activity Report firstly provides an overview of individual aspects of the mobile and fixed network markets. After a brief look at current and future developments, the report then examines the composition and activities of the Commission in 2023.

5G and radiation

ComCom grants mobile radio frequencies. However, the competent authorities for questions on non-ionising radiation in DETEC are the FOEN and OFCOM.

ComCom proposal for future-proof mobile networks in Switzerland

ComCom contributed to the 'Mobile Radio and Radiation' expert group convened by DETEC, putting forward its own approach that is presented as 'Option 4' in the group's report.

Decision of ComCom

In June 2021, the Commission made a decision (not yet legally valid) on the interest on repayments in access proceedings. The telecom industry WACC is to be applied here.