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Quality Measurements Internet Services

The primary outcome of the revision of the Telecommunications Act (TCA) in 2019 was greater protection for the consumer. For example, the transparency of the offers should be improved for the customers.

Providers must now measure the quality of fixed and mobile internet access services and release this information publicly. In the case of fixed-network internet access, this applies to all providers serving at least 300,000 customers. Where mobile access is concerned, it applies to all providers with at least 300,000 customers and one mobile radiocommunications licence.

In a first step, the providers are providing their customers with a standardised instrument for measuring the quality of their own internet access (since 1 September 2021).

The providers will have to publish anonymised measurement results from January 2022. Ultimately, this information will improve consumer choice, allowing them to compare different offers and make their decision on the basis of criteria other than the price or theoretical data transmission rate.

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Last modification 10.09.2021

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