Award of mobile radio frequencies 2018-2019

Mobile radio frequencies for 5G awarded in Switzerland

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has successfully awarded new mobile radio frequencies. All three current operators, Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom, could acquire a wide range of new frequencies in an auction. These are required for the development of the high-speed 5G mobile radio technology. The proceeds for the Confederation amount around CHF 380 million. The auction took place between 29 January and 7 February 2019. On 17 April, ComCom granted the licenses to the mobile operators.  

Link to the press release from 8th february 2019:

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Starting signal for new award of mobile radio frequencies

The Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) is launching the invitation to tender for the award of new mobile radio frequencies. These frequencies are of great importance for the introduction of 5G, the next mobile radio technology, in Switzerland. The new mobile radio frequencies will be awarded within the framework of an auction which is expected be held in January 2019. Participation in the auction is open to all interested companies. The deadline for submission of the application documents is 05.10.2018.

The tender documents can be downloaded on OFCOM's website.

Answers to questions concerning the procedure

The list of questions received by 27 July 2018 and the corresponding answers has been published on OFCOM's website:

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