The President

Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli, President of the ComCom

For people everywhere, 2020 was a very unusual year. From education to commerce, to remote collaboration between teams – we had to rely on telecommunications systems to do many things. The need for social distancing has sped up the digitalisation of our society in a powerful way.

As this development continues, we must make sure to keep quality and security in mind. We must also be aware that this transition to an increasingly digital world brings with it the risk of more inequality.

While there is a need for these new technologies, people increasingly view science and innovation with mistrust. Ideas and beliefs that are not based on facts can go viral on social media. This anxiety-inducing atmosphere can create roadblocks for new technologies – this is currently the case with the deployment of 5G networks, for example.

Beyond its role as an arbitrator of disputes between operators, the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has a responsibility to make information available to the public. ComCom will provide its support in the current and coming years to find acceptable solutions for the rollout of new infrastructure. ComCom will also award the new universal service licence, which guarantees every resident in Switzerland access to telecommunications services in good quality.

At an international level, ComCom will ensure that Switzerland can maintain relationships based on reciprocity and mutual trust with its partners, especially in Europe, so that telecommunications services can run as smoothly as necessary in our hyper-connected world.

Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli, President of ComCom
January 2021