What is the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) ?

ComCom is an independent extraparliamentary commission set up by the Law on Telecommunications (available in français, deutsch, italiano) of 30 April 1997 as the licensing authority and market regulatory authority for the telecommunications sector.

Its main competencies consist in the granting of licences for use of radiocommunication frequencies and universal service licences; laying down conditions for access (unbundling, interconnection, leased lines...); approving the national numbering plans; and laying down the conditions for application of number portability and carrier selection.

The Commission has, moreover, delegated a number of tasks for which it is responsible to the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in its decree (available in français, deutsch, italiano) of 17.11.97 relating to the law on telecommunications (see also the Internal regulations of the commission, and the section below concerning "the respective roles of ComCom and OFCOM ").