How does ComCom work ?

The Commission takes the decisions which fall within its competency under the Law on Telecommunications (available in français, deutsch, italiano) and its implementing provisions. Under its obligation of transparency, it "informs the public about its activities and publishes a report every year for the attention of the Federal Council " (art 57, para. 1, LTC).

The president convokes the Commission according to requirements. He must also do so at the request of a member. Finally, the Commission may take its decisions by way of circulation (ComCom Internal Regulations, art. 11 and 12).
OFCOM prepares dossiers for the Commission, submits its proposals to it and implements its decisions. It may discuss important problems with the Commission or the presidency, prior to submitting the proposal (ComCom Internal Regulations, art. 8).
It should also be noted that OFCOM is the examining authority in the case of procedures regarding access to facilities and services of market-dominant providers.