Prices for telephony services

Prices on the swiss mobile market
Source : OFCOM

After several consecutive years of reductions, the prices of mobile communications rose slightly in 2017, for the majority of user types. Based on the three main service providers in Switzerland, the prices of the cheapest products increased by 6.1% for a medium user and 2.9% for a high user, whilst they remained stable for a low user.

According to OFCOM's Statistical Observatory, only low users with prepaid cards benefited from a price drop during 2017. In the contract market, prices increased by 1.8% for a low user, 11.2% for medium users and 4.6% for high users. In the prepaid card market, prices fell by 5.8% for a low user, whilst they increased by 1.1% for a medium user and 5.6% for a high user.

Compared with the other OECD countries, the prices of mobile communications in Switzerland are still among the most expensive.

Last modification 16.05.2018

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