Unbundling progress

Unbundling progress in Switzerland

Number of subscriber unbundled lines
Source: Swisscom

Unbundling of the local loop makes it possible for alternative operators to provide their own telecommunications services to their customers by using their own infrastructure on the last section of the network.

When it was introduced, unbundling considerably stimulated competition on the DSL access market, which enjoyed exceptional growth in Switzerland during the initial years.

In fact, unbundling has registered a continuous reduction overall for several years. The number of unbundled lines, which totalled approximately 300,000 units at the end of 2012, had fallen to less than 100,000 by mid-2018. Fully unbundled lines (Full Access) now represents less than 3% of all broadband lines in Switzerland.

This is explained on the one hand by the products from the cable network operators and the increasing use of fibre connections which are further strengthening competition at the level of infrastructures. Furthermore, consumers’ growing interest in bundled offerings, combining telephony, internet access and digital TV, is a negative factor for unbundling technology, which is not appropriate for bundled offers.

Last modification 31.10.2018

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