Unbundling progress

Unbundling progress in Switzerland

TAL CH 2021
Source: Swisscom

Unbundling local loops allows third-party providers to offer their customers their own telecommunications services by leasing the copper subscriber lines from Swisscom and operating them themselves as far as the end customers. As legal provisions on unbundling were not formulated in technology-neutral terms, current regulations in Switzerland apply only to the copper network.

After its introduction in 2007, unbundling initially stimulated competition in the market for DSL connections. There has been a decline in the number of unbundled connections for some years now, however. A peak was reached in mid-2012 at approximately 315,000, or just under 10% of all broadband lines, but only some 41,000 remained at the end of 2021. Fully unbundled (full access) lines therefore now represent less than 1% of all broadband connections in Switzerland.

This is due in part to the offerings from cable network operators and the increasing use of optical fibre connections, which are further intensifying competition on infrastructure. At the same time, growing customer interest in product packages for telephony, internet and digital television is working against unbundling, which is unsuitable for these products because it does not permit high data transfer rates.

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