Penetration rate

Broadband penetration in OECD countries
(per 100 inhabitants, December 2017)

Switzerland has very high-performance high-speed telecommunications infrastructures. The economy as a whole benefits from competition in infrastructures and services, which offers greater choice to consumers.

With almost 47% of the population having broadband access as of the end of 2017, Switzerland is consolidating its position at the top of the ranking of OECD countries and is still well ahead of Denmark (42.9%) and France (42.8%). Over the same period, the average for the OECD countries was 30.4% and the figure for the EU countries was 33.7% (July 2017).

Evolution of broadband connections in OECD countries. Top 7 leading countries, 2004-2017 (per 100 inhabitants)

OECD Broadband penetration
Source: OECD

Last modification 10.08.2018

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