Penetration rate

Broadband penetration in OECD countries (per 100 inhabitants, 2022)

OCDE BB penetration 4Q2022

Switzerland has a very high-performance broadband infrastructure. The economy as a whole benefits from competition between different infrastructures and services, as it gives consumers greater choice.

Switzerland has a high number of fixed-network broadband subscribers. At the end of 2022 almost 48.2% of the Swiss population had a broadband internet connection, thereby consolidating the country's top-ranking position in an OECD-wide comparison. It remains ahead of France (46.6%), Norway (45.7%) and Korea (45.4%). In the same period, the average for OECD countries was 34.9%.

Evolution of broadband connections in OECD countries. Top 7 leading countries, 2007-2022 (per 100 inhabitants)

OCDE BB penetration Top 7 4Q2022

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