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Digital TV market share in Switzerland

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Sources: Providers, Suissedigital

The cable operators are continuing to lose customers in their core segment, with a loss of more than 62,000 TV customers in 2017 – down 2.5%. The market share of all the cable operators, at almost 2.4 million customers for digital television, dropped below 60% for the first time.

UPC, which lost almost 52,000 customers for its digital TV product, down by almost 4%, saw its market share fall to 29.6% at the end of 2017. The Quickline group of cable operators, which had 357,000 TV customers at the end of 2017, down 6% on the year, has also seen its market share fall, to 8.8%.

Over the same period, the number of digital television subscribers on the fixed telephony network continued to increase during 2017, and the DSL providers are now seriously competing with the cable operators in this market segment.

Considering the providers individually, Swisscom consolidated its top position, which it won from UPC in 2015. Swisscom in fact gained 49,000 customers in 2017 and hence reported growth of almost 3.5% between 2016 and 2017. The historical operator has 1,467,000 subscribers to its digital TV offering and has seen its market share grow to 36.2%.

Sunrise, the last to enter this market (in 2012), gained 51,000 customers over the same period, i.e. a growth rate of over 31%, and has seen its market share increase to 5.3%.

Last modification 16.05.2018

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