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Sources: Providers, Suissedigital

In this market segment, too, the Sunrise UPC merger is significantly changing the balance of forces between the major players.

Swisscom defends the strong position it took over from UPC in 2015. Having lost around 1,000 customers in 2020 and had an unsuccessful first quarter in 2021, losing a further 7,000, the historic telecom operator reversed the trend during the rest of the year, adding 11,000 new customers over the nine-month period and recording a net gain of 4,000 for the year as a whole. Swisscom now has 1.59 million digital TV subscribers, and expanded its market share to 41% as at the end of 2021.

In the same period, Sunrise UPC’s market share was almost 32%. As a reminder, Sunrise ended 2020 at 8%, UPC at 24%. Sunrise UPC's gain of approximately 4,000 customers over the whole of 2021 is due to a good first quarter, when it attracted 6,900 new subscribers. The new company went on to lose customers in the two quarters that followed (–2,400 in Q2 and –1,400 in Q3), before it returned to a growth path and welcomed 3,800 new subscribers in the fourth quarter.

Quickline, an association of several cable network operators, experienced a slight year-on-year decline in TV customer numbers of some 10,000, or -3.2%. With 312,260 TV customers at the end of 2021, Quickline's market share stood at around 8%. Other cable network operators occupied roughly 15% of the market, Salt 4%.

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