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Digital TV market share in Switzerland

Digital TV in CH 2018
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Sources: Providers, Suissedigital

With almost 2.24 million customers, the cable network operators continue to lay claim to the lion's share of the digital TV market in Switzerland. However, they continue to lose customers in their core business year on year. In 2018 their customer base contracted by more than 135,000 TV subscribers, a fall of 5.7%. In 2017 their market share fell below 60% for the first time – down to 55.9% at the end of 2018.

UPC lost more than 117,000 subscribers to its digital TV service (nearly 10% in one year), which reduced its market share to 27.1% by the end of 2018.

In the case of Quickline, a group of several cable network operators, the customer base in the reporting year also fell by some 8400 units or 2.4% and amounted to just under 349,000 TV customers at the end of 2018. Its market share fell to 8.7%.

In parallel, the number of digital TV customers in the fixed network also continued to rise in 2018. In this market segment the telecoms providers represent serious competition for the cable network operators.

Considering the providers individually, it is clear that Swisscom was able to consolidate the leading position it took over from UPC in 2015: it gained 52,000 customers in the year under review and registered growth of 3.5% compared to 2017. Today the historic provider has 1.52 million digital TV subscribers. Its market share increased to 38%.

Sunrise, which was the last to enter this market in 2012, recorded an increase in new customers in the same period of nearly 30,000 - up 14%.  Its market share increased to 6.1%.

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