Facts and figures

You can find here some data providing a brief overview of the evolution of the telecommunications market in Switzerland.

In order to produce its aggregations of statistical data, ComCom relies primarily on the official figures published by the main telecommunications service providers.

With regard to the fixed broadband communications market in Switzerland – including the internet and digital TV – this involves telecommunications operators Swisscom and Sunrise, as well as Suissedigital, UPC and Quickline – the cable (CATV) operators.

In the case of the mobile market in Switzerland, the three mobile network operators Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt are involved. The figures published by these operators include the connections of virtual operators or resellers of services using the networks of Swisscom (M-Budget), Sunrise (Yallo, Lebara, Ortel) and Salt (Coop Mobile). The other virtual operators have marginal shares of the market.

For the international comparisons, ComCom uses publications by the OECD, the EU or specialised research institutes (IDC, Strategy Analytics…). Depending on the case in question, some figures used are based on estimates.

These figures are updated regularly, as far as possible. The list of sources (below) includes all the sources used.


Further information

The official telecommunications statistics and further informations are available on the OFCOM-website. Data about prices of mobile, fixed and broadband communications are also available on the OFCOM-Website :


(sorted by alphabetical order, incl. links, if available)

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