Annual reports

Edition 2017

Autonomous vehicles, factories without workers, kitchens which order the ingredients for dinner automatically, machines which can teach themselves the required skills without human assistance, waste bins which report to the control centre when they need to be emptied, diagnostic devices which constantly transmit patients’ medical data to their doctors – the imagination knows no limits when it comes to possible applications of the new information technologies. Modern fixed and mobile data communication technologies play a key role in this development. Faster and more robust communications networks will ensure that the required data reaches its destination without delay and that linked devices can communicate with each other.

This is the background against which telecommunications providers must make difficult decisions, but also where ComCom must operate.

ComCom's Annual Report firstly provides an overview of individual aspects of the mobile and fixed network markets, as this is likely to be of interest to a broader section of the public.

After a brief look at future developments, the report then examines the composition and activities of the Commission in 2017.