Activity report

Edition 2019

In February 2019, ComCom auctioned off an extensive bundle of mobile frequencies, creating the licence conditions for the development of 5G mobile radio networks in Switzerland. This makes Switzerland one of the first countries to facilitate the deployment of 5G technology.

There are, however, various factors that are hindering an expansion of the network: First, planning permission and operating licences for new mobile communication antennas are currently being granted only reluctantly or not at all in some cantons.  Second, the competent authorities and mobile phone operators are still awaiting the definitive recommendations of the Federal Office for the Environment on how to measure the radiation immissions of the new adaptive antennas.

This is the background against which telecommunications providers must make difficult decisions, but also where ComCom must operate.

ComCom's Activity Report firstly provides an overview of individual aspects of the mobile and fixed network markets, as this is likely to be of interest to a broader section of the public.

After a brief look at future developments, the report then examines the composition and activities of the Commission in 2019.