Activity report

Edition 2021

The new Sunrise UPC is likely to bring about certain changes on the Swiss telecommunications market simply by virtue of the fact that it is a serious competitor to Swisscom, which remains the market leader in mobile and fixed network telecoms and digital television. Generally speaking, networks are also continuing to converge. This is true both between fixed networks (copper, coaxial and fibre-optic cables), where the distinction between telecommunications and cable network operators is becoming increasingly blurred, and between fixed and mobile networks, possibly because customers are increasingly favouring package deals.

Customer numbers in the saturated mobile telecoms market remained more or less stable, with the COVID-19 crisis having little impact in 2021. In addition, the Sunrise-UPC merger had not yet had any significant effect on the distribution of market shares, which did not change noticeably over the past year.

ComCom's Activity Report firstly provides an overview of individual aspects of the mobile and fixed network markets, as this is likely to be of interest to a broader section of the public.

After a brief look at current and future developments, the report then examines the composition and activities of the Commission in 2021.