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Annual reports

front page from annual report 2012
Edition 2012

The year 2012 was marked by several events important for the future of the telecommunications market in Switzerland.

Firstly, ComCom successfully awarded all of the mobile telephony frequencies in a single auction procedure conducted by OFCOM in February 2012. Operators were therefore able to acquire spectrum which meets their present and future needs: all the operators will have a much greater number of frequencies in the future. For consumers, this means good coverage also in the future and access to increasingly efficient high-speed mobile services, in particular as a result of the introduction of modern mobile technologies such as LTE (Long Term Evolution).

Secondly, the roll-out of fibre to the home (FTTH) also continued at a rapid rate during 2012. Following the opinion given by the Competition Commission (ComCo) in September 2011, the roll-out partners have adapted or removed certain clauses in their cooperation contracts. The number of these has increased greatly as a result and this relates to both towns and cities as well as the peripheral regions. At the end of September 2012, nearly half a million homes and businesses had already been passed using FTTH technology.

ComCom also held its final Round Table on fibre networks in January 2012, as it was of the opinion that the desired objectives had been achieved. The network must be developed in a coordinated manner and without duplication. Competition should be stimulated through nondiscriminatory network access, which is open to all providers of telecommunications services and through the installation of multiple fibres (the multi-fibre model).

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